Interested in sharing your story as a part of Acceptance Journeys – Pittsburgh? Send us an email with your contact information and a little bit about yourself and your journey and we’ll get back to you! We love hearing stories from lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and their friends and family members.

Why share your story?

Michelle: Because there’s always someone who can learn and benefit from your story. There are always people who go, “That sounds so familiar,” that you could maybe create a blueprint for someone else. And it’s really just human nature, you attach to things and to people that are familiar to you. So if someone hears our story as a family, or my story with my relationship with my brother, and they go, that’s kind of how I feel, then maybe it’ll give them that ease and that sense of community. When it all comes down to it, we’re all searching for a sense of community. Whether it’s the LGBTQ community, or the Black community, or whatever cultural community, that’s what we’re all searching for. And so, through these stories, we can create those tales that form a larger community and that people can share from and that people can benefit from.

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