Acceptance Journeys Pittsburgh

Whose life could you change with love?

Taylor & Qjuan

QT launch image (3)

L to R: Qjuan, Taylor

Qjuan and I met about three years ago and we just clicked. I’ve been there for him ever since. I was able to help him through the system – foster care placements and group homes and everything else – because I went through it too. I care about him like he’s my own kid.

In the African American community many times they frown upon being gay and it’s sad. Being black, you’re already a minority, so you already know how it feels to be discriminated against. I mean I just find it odd that you’re going to discriminate your own people even more.

I’ve heard it from straight males, like “Why are you hanging out with all those gay dudes?” I just say “Why do you hang out with straight people?” It doesn’t make a difference to me if I’m hanging out with Qjuan or if I’m hanging out with a transgender person or whoever, I don’t care. If they’re my friends, they’re good people.

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